The Right Leader for the Right Job: How is It Possible?

Leaders are born or made? How many times have we asked ourselves, perhaps during a few congresses, in front of a successful manager’s speech? The answer is not as obvious as one might think: because, if on the one hand there are personalities with undeniable innate charisma, on the other there are small tricks, perfectly legal, that can turn us into real bosses. Starting right from the way of speaking in public, more or less extensive than the latter since a leadership of respect is recognized above all by the ability to present ones own ideas and convince others.

The Opinions

According to a lecturer at a USUniversity, tells in an interview some time ago that a true leader must know how to transmit stability and trust, only in this way will it encourage the staff to submit voluntarily and naturally to its orders. For a leader to obtain credit from collaborators, his behavior and his speeches must be predictable, argues the expert, even physically. So much so that the professor recognizes the importance of developing his own style of discourse and underlines how every important personality has one, a style is always recognizable and predictable, because it is repeated.

At the basis of the style of each leader, however, there are common characteristics, let’s see what they are. You can have the best Leadership blog offering you all the information regarding the same now.

Practical Advice fora Successful Speech

For a speech worthy of the most considerable leadership it is first of all necessary to move very, very slowly. It is enough to observe, in this regard, politicians and managers during the congresses: they move very little hands and arms and, above all, slowly. Not maintaining a position long enough conveys insecurity and successful people can’t afford it.

Even the overall form of the body plays a fundamental role in a successful communication, the right body facing the audience and the chest pushed slightly upwards determine the basic position from which to give an overall impression of energy and availability. The head must remain horizontal, looking down on its audience would be arrogant, from the bottom upwards false.

  • Experts also advised not to move their legs at all, as this would be perceived by the public as a sign of fear. The ideal is to keep still with the legs open at the same width of the shoulders, without dividing them too much to avoid appearing too informal. The hands, for their part, must always be kept over the belt and possibly open, with the palm facing upwards. Turning the palm down can only is done exceptionally to emphasize statements of a certain importance.

Another fundamental advice for a complete mastery of your presentation is visual contact with the public.
If less than twenty-five people are present, it is necessary to look at each of
these directly, in turn. If the listeners are more, the experts advise to look
towards the different corners of the classroom.