There are two major types of scrap

Scrap of ferrous metals comes from iron, steel and other elements. Scrap of non ferrous metals   Scrap of other metals, such as aluminum, zinc, copper, magnesium, tin, lead, nickel.

We find, mainly, three origins that give us an idea of ​​the great importance of scrap in the recycling sector

Own generated in the factory, refinery or foundry and recovered and reused there

Industrial Scrap scraps derived from waste originated during the elaboration of different products made with metal electrical appliances, machinery, automobiles, boats, cans and steel containers. To know more about famous for demolition services, seek help online.

Obsolete these are products that are no longer in use

Thus, the volume of scrap generated is enormous and comes from diverse areas such as those previously mentioned. In fact, scrap is the main industry that reuses materials that are not biodegradable. Whether ferrous or non ferrous, all scrap is reusable and can be very valuable. Not in vain, the scrap recycling business is implanted all over the world.

This is the meaning of scrap recycling becoming, after this process, new products. In this way, it contributes to the conservation of the environment, since less waste is generated. To know more about good at awning singapore, seek help online.

Do you fear for the STABILITY of your awning?

Install a mono block, an extra support that offers greater resistance to the whole. Aesthetics and practice of your awning  how to take advantage of it The first thing is to move the heat away from your home   for that, choose light tones that reflect the sun’s rays outside the home. Also, make sure that you maintain a 45º angle between the wall and the awning insert to keep the proportions adequate with the façade.

In the aesthetic field, an awning can enhance the decorative style of your spaces, for which you must choose a design and colors according to the ornamental approach of the place. Make sure they go to play and dare to experiment with the contrasts!

Tricks to clean your awning and keep it longer

If it’s CANVAS clean it with a vacuum cleaner and hit it with a wide shaker. To remove stains, apply soapy water or a stain remover with a brush and a lot of touch. If it is PLASTIC use water and neutral soap through a brush or pressurized water hose. Always LEAVE DRY completely before picking it up.